29 January 2016

Healing with Homeopathy!

This is just a short note on healing the body.. It is not uncommon that we go out of balance at physical and mental levels. The Allopathic system of medicine focuses on specific symptoms and tries to address it.. Even when a specific symptom is addressed, the other symptoms may still linger.. But in holistic ways, overall healing has to be the focus. In Ayurveda and Siddha, they try to address the imbalance through which healing happens.

I love the Homeopathic system. I feel and work with the medicines.. only on my body mostly. It is an energy medicine. There will be no original substance at 12C potency. Most of the times, we use 30C which is a much higher potency. To prepare 2C from 1C, one part of the 1C is mixed with 99 parts of spirit medium in a specific way. In the same way, the potency is increased gradually.. 3C is prepared by mixing one part of 2C with 99 parts of spirit medium/alcohol. A single medicine and even a single dose is enough at times to bring about healing, when the right medicine at a right potency is selected. It does not address a specific symptom, but kindles the overall healing ability of the body. You find a good difference at the physical and mental levels when the healing process happens.

I use at times metals and crystals to change the elemental energy of my body.. for example, citrine increases the fire element and moonstone increases the water element and the receptive nature. In the same way, I have been working with some of the homeo medicines to impact my mind/body.. I won't recommend such experiments unless you feel what it does with a single dose, at a subtler level.. But, you could use that system very well with the guidance of an expert homeopath. It is a miraculous system!

30 December 2015

Physical Ascension ~ Immortality

immortality, ascension, yoga
Physical ascension or the transformation of the body into more light is a slow process. Only a few were able to achieve that in the past, especially those who contributed the whole of their life, spending time in isolation with rigorous efforts. Times have changed. Our planet is vibrating at a higher frequency and it will continue to increase its frequency of vibration. So, it should be easier for us to transform our body. Through the natural process of evolution, it may still take many years for the human bodies to get transformed and pulsate at a higher frequency. If one wants a quicker progress, some effort is still required instead of allowing the body to shift in its own pace. You hold your own unique DNA at a soul level which keeps on transforming the physical body that you hold. With some work at a subtle level, this process could be accelerated. If you are able to work in your sushumna nadi/channel, this process could be accelerated. It helps the body produce more soma/divine nectar which helps in the process.

Sun gazing also helps in the process and it has to be done carefully, increasing the duration gradually. I would even suggest doing it with closed eyes. Facing the sun and connecting with its energy and feeling it inside the head will help activate the subtle body. It also increases the nectar secretion. You could even connect with your bonfire and feel its energy and feel how the body responds. If one has a dominant fire/air element, sun gazing has to be done in moderation as it will increase the fire drastically creating imbalance.

We also have to help the physical body heal itself, eliminating the toxins. Food plays a major role here - what we eat and how much we eat matters. We have the ability to feel the food and know it. Each food has its dominant elemental energy and a different frequency. Paying some attention to the body, observing it at subtler levels would help you make right choice of food, following your intuition. Using tissue salts and homeo dilutions would also accelerate the healing process. Flower essences will also help at emotional levels. If you are able to connect with the energy of crystals, that also would be of great help. Feeling everything and understanding our body is the key.

Good luck with the journey! 

18 October 2015

Homeopathy - A miraculous system of healing

I realised how powerful homeopathy is. Like feeling the energy of crystals and stones, I could feel the energy of the medicine. It is in fact an energy medicine. There is no active chemical substance in it as it is diluted many number of times in a specific manner.

I would love if others also could benefit from that. I cannot stop the joy within myself and I wanted to spread it. :D

It is advisable to meet an expert homeopath to find a medicine. Sometimes, only you know yourself better. When you read the materia medica of a specific medicine, if many of the symptoms mentioned fit you, you have found the miracle cure! Selecting the right medicine is the key. There are always more than one medicine in homeopathy for a given disease. It is more specific for a person than a disease.

To learn more about homeopathy:


Links to materia medica:


To find the list of medicines that would suit your health condition, you can do a general google search. From some articles, from the list, you have to find the right one. You can also use any online remedy finder like this: http://abchomeopathy.com/go.php. If you are using this one, it shows a specific medicine after asking you a series of questions. View the remedy grid to find all the medicines that might fit that symptom to select the best one.

When you read the symptoms of a remedy, for a specific symptom, you shall also find another remedy in the brackets which also would have to be explored.

Reading the materia medica about the medicine and selecting the right one is very important.

Sometimes, when the right remedy is taken, it may aggravate the symptoms temporarily and then curing it forever. If you are a very sensitive person, the remedy might be very powerful on you and might prove itself. In such cases, extra caution and right selection of potency is a must. If one is under the care of an experienced homeopath, they would be able to guide properly.

When we heal the  mind-matter complex, we evolve spiritually. Everything is deeply linked. Homeopathic remedies act at such  deep levels that it heals the whole of our being, accelerating our spiritual growth.

*Disclaimer: It is best to meet an expert homeopath and this is just to kindle your curiosity! Have fun! :D 

30 September 2015

Connecting With Your Inner Divinity

divine light Each one of us is connected to the source or the divine self. This connection is what bestows good health and a loving heart. The more connected we are, easier is to flow through the life on Earth. 

This divine connection is perceived as inner light, inner sound or the divine vibration. When we meditate on this connection, we strengthen our link to the source and is easier to stay balanced.

Not everyone may perceive all the three (inner light, sound and vibration). But, we all would have one or two dominant modes of connection, which we have to explore. Also, when we meditate and focus on one of the attributes, the other two kick in gradually.

The divine vibrations are quite easier to feel, for which one has to start with the breath. Observing the breath continuously helps the mind become subtle and sharp enough to be able to perceive the vibration all over the body or the energy body. If you are able to perceive sounds with closed ears or when there is complete silence, it might become a good object of meditation as well (also called as Nada yoga). Some perceive lights with closed eyes. If you are able to do that, that might become a wonderful connection to the source as well. One is not better than the other. Each one of us is unique and we have to find our own way of connecting to the source.

If it is difficult to perceive these modes of connecting, don't worry. Breath itself is a great link to meditate upon. Just observe the touch sensation of breath/air inside the nostrils and see how beautifully the mind calms down. This can be practiced the whole day, even when doing your regular activities. Connect and feel the bliss, that you are!

02 August 2015

Soma or the Divine Nectar

Soma or the divine nectar is the secretion that is produced within the human body. In some traditions the kechari mudra is given a lot of importance for the nectar to be produced/released. I do not consider kechari mudra to be a necessity for the production of this nectar.

This nectar when produced, drips inside the mouth and is sweet. Initially it can be even salty. But it is mostly sweet and delicious. :) It is very well tangible. It gives the yogic practitioner a very beautiful state of mind and makes the body disease free. This nectar is even expected to transform the physical body into an immortal body if there is enough of secretion. But, the alchemy of transmutation of physical body is a slow process. Probably if one lives long enough, this could be achieved.

This nectar is produced when the sexual fluids are transmuted into subtle form of energy through yogic practices like kriya pranayama in which the breath is rotated inside the sushumna. When one is properly moving the prana inside the sushumna, one can easily feel the warmth in the sushumna channel which is part of the subtle body. This process naturally happens in every person in natural states of happiness or excitement. If an artist is involved with the art, this process of transmutation may naturally happen. The yogic practices are just tools to speed up this process by many fold times. This process also happens powerfully with sun gazing. When one wants to try sun gazing, the duration has to be increased very slowly. Otherwise, it might disturb the eye sight. The process of transmuting with mind/breath is a safer and effective technique which I would recommend. So, should one refrain from having sex? It is not a necessity if one understands love making in the tantric way without wasting the essential fluids.