12 August 2017

Importance of Water Element in Healing and Detox

The state of our physical and mental health is determined by our ability to maintain the balance of the elemental energies. We are not just physical beings. Our physical body is shaped by the energy body. Impacting the energy body to bring about the changes at physical level is like changing the slide in the slide projector and seeing a different projection on the wall.

Fire element is given a lot of significance when it comes to purification, spiritual evolution and having the ability to achieve or be able to manifest our dreams. It is what makes us act. When we start working at the energetic levels, and the physical body is purified enough to feel at the subtle level, it becomes clear, how the increase of one elemental energy can bring about an imbalance, if we fail to balance it properly. When the fire is increased, the water element goes down and vice versa. Water element is very much required for a  proper digestion and assimilation of the food to charge the body. It also plays a vital role in getting unnecessary things out of body to keep EVERYTHING FLOWING at physical and energetic levels. It is not possible to learn these things in a mechanical way. It becomes a necessity to feel and do changes at energetic/physical levels.

I shall mention a few ways to control the elemental energies at energetic levels. Moonstone & silver play a major role in bringing a proper balance of the water element. Foods like cucumber & water melon helps a lot. If you have the ability to work with homeo dilutions, that also can be made use of.

Those who do sun gazing, especially for long hours, can easily go out of balance by the increase of the fire element. So, proper care has to be taken to maintain a balance of the elemental energies.. If one is having water accumulation, a proper balance has to be reached by increasing the fire element. You can completely change the nature of your mind and body if you know how to play at energetic levels. Have fun!

12 July 2017

Sustaining Yourself as Energy Being

What is visible to us as physical body is just a vibrating mass of energy at a lower frequency compared to what is not visible to us as our energy body. We have both physical as well as subtle bodies (functioning as one) that anchors a part of our consciousness to experience life in this dimension of Earth.

To make the experience of life here pleasant, it is very much essential to make sure our energy flows through our bodies, strong and unblocked. Inner energy work like working in sushumna, feeling the energy body and dissolving the blocks, etc.. all play a major role here. Another important aspect that directly impacts the body is the food that we eat. I am not going to say what food is the right food. Just make sure that the food that you eat does not congest you at physical and mental levels. We all have our unique DNA and so unique is our physical body. Experimenting and finding what is more suitable is very important, as far as food is concerned.  Fruit diet suits some, paleo might suit some, a simple cooked food with grains and cereals may suit some.. just find what works for you. The important aspect is to convert the energy that the physical produces, into a sublter form of energy (transmutation of sexual fluids) and feed the energy body for its higher evolution/higher frequency. A shift in the energy body alters the physical body. Some are able to manage with less food, taking mostly the prana. We may even have to move from one way of eating to the other, according to the need, at different times. Eating and transmuting is one way and a breatharian way is to absorb the prana and sustain physical. We can be also anywhere in between. One has to find the balance one needs at anytime.

Gaining some mastery over our energy body and be able to work on it becomes a necessity to gain some self mastery. It is part of the evolution.

25 March 2017

Mercury Amalgam Tooth Filling - Keep or Remove?

Most of us who go to a dentist for caries, end up with a mercury amalgam filling. They are cheaper and considered to be stronger and long lasting, especially for the molars. I had around 9 such fillings for a little more than a decade. I went through my own struggles and I decided to remove it and had an immediate feeling of relief.. I am just going to share my views and why I decided to remove. If you have fillings, it will just give a perspective of a person who is sensitive to metals and crystals. 

As soon as the fillings were done, I had severe reactions on scalp and facial skin. I had eruptions on the scalp that were painful to touch and severe skin allergy on the face, on either side of the nose. I started having severe dandruff, hair fall and problem maintaining my body weight. These issues with the scalp and skin, 'I assume' is due to Mercury. Other than that, I had no change in lifestyle or food at that time. The facial skin regained its balance in a few years.. but the dandruff and the hair fall did not stop. I was 18 or 19 years old when the fillings were done. The life went on more or less smooth after that.. Then, in a few years I started getting into a lot of inner energy work/meditation. At some point of time, I started working with crystals and metals. If I just hold a stone or the metal in hand, I would tell where exactly it works and what its dominant elemental energy is (earth, water, fire & air are the elemental energies). I started also doing sun gazing. All these practices were making my body more subtle and sensitive to energy. I would not generally wear a metal or stone continuously. I will wear for a few days or a few weeks and I will change according to the need. At some point of time, I started having problems staying grounded in my body. I was getting very weak and sick. If only the astral/energy body stays aligned properly with the physical, we can function properly in the physical world. I started hating the physical world. But, I did my level best to heal myself with inner work and tried to ground myself. But, it was quite difficult to stay grounded. I had great difficulty to tolerate cooler climates (I live in a very warm place - South India).. even then, a few months will be cooler and I had difficulty in those times. Feet would go chill and the ability to ground would reduce further. A walk, wearing a grounding stone or metal would help temporarily. But it was not the solution.

Once I happened to use a solidified mercury metal for meditation and was studying the impact of it on the body and mind. To my surprise, the exact similar symptoms that I was facing were magnified. Especially when I work with a metal or the crystal for the first time or after a long gap, when I start working with it again, it will try to communicate its working pattern in a strong way. I had problems of some strange energy movements inside my head.. whenever that intensifies, I would get weaker and un-grounded. I never understood or guessed why it was happening. Then it suddenly striked me that mercury amalgam is the one that is causing the problem. I just got an appointment with the dentist and got all the fillings replaced with composite material. Immediately after the removal process, I was able to feel such a great relief. I felt myself more in the body with ease. I still do feel the metals and crystals, but not as intense as earlier. Probably as I was not grounded properly in my body, all these feelings were very intense.

I did not go in search of a special/biological dentist and all. In my view, the process of filling is more hazardous than removal. When it is being removed, it is already an amalgam. More than the physical harm it would create, the energetic harm is what would be more. But this energetic imbalance will show up at a physical level over longer periods of exposure. When it was all drilled out (took around 20 minutes) and the dentist asked me to spit, I realised that all the amalgam pieces were just inside my mouth. I was thinking it would get sucked by the suction machine..lol.. Anyway, I did not have any strong allergic reactions or problems. 

I did no chemical chelation to find out if I have mercury in blood or hair sample analysis to find out the status and all. I just trusted my intuition and got them removed and I felt much better after that. I would not suggest chemical chelation for others, as well. The body can get rid of the toxins naturally. Just a lot of raw diet and fasting would do the magic.

In Homeopathy, there is a concept of like cures like. Using this principle, a right medicine is selected for the person. Those who prove these medicines had to take that substance to make the Homeopathic materia medica So, if you are experiencing a lot of disturbance due to Mercury amalgam fillings, there is a possibility that you may see a lot of similarities of a Mercury personality which could be found here: http://www.homeoint.org/books3/kentmm/merc.htm

If at a physical level, you are very strong and stable, the impact of mercury might be less. If you are sensitive, the impact might be more. We all get impacted though. So, it is up to you to decide whether it is okay to keep it or remove. Good luck on your path.. Just to remind and finish the post, if you are suffering due to the 'energy' of these fillings, you would find a BIG relief once they are removed. It also depends on the number of fillings you have. 

Update (29 May 2017) : Mercury as a solidified metal itself, is known for some interesting metaphysical properties. If you are a person who works with crystals/metals for altering your energy body, you could try that, wearing as a pendant or holding in hands while meditating. But keeping it inside the mouth, even at an energetic level, is too strong, especially when we do not have an option to remove it when we want.. :) 

Update (3 July 2017) : I thought, once the fillings are removed, the energetic imprint of mercury is gone and it will be all fine. But after removing the amalgam fillings, the energy of mercury or the mercury (not sure yet what it is) starts coming out and it seems to create some discomfort. But it is gradually reducing. With a right food, one can sail through this detox phase. I personally have not taken any chelation agent and I prefer to complete my healing journey without it. Either a fruit diet (excluding banana) or a carb free diet (like paleo) might be of help. I was not able to manage on fruits, for I am already thin. I am experimenting with paleo and it gives me energy to go through the detox phase and also helps the detox process, by not congesting the body.

Update (30 July 2017) : As the detox happens, the sensitivity greatly reduces. Earlier the metals and crystals were having a very strong impact on me. Now I dont have that much sensitivity to metals. I still do have a tooth crown made of some alloy (probably Nickel-Chromium). I found that, even when in detox phase, I was feeling at an energetic level that the crown metal is causing some imbalance, creating some disturbance in the alignment of the energy body in the head region. I had a thought of removing it. But then, I dont have that problem anymore. I will manage with that crown, instead of replacing it with ceramic. So, after removing fillings, it is natural to face some strong mercury symptoms as the body gets it all out. Once you pass that stage, the body strengthens. 

Update (October 31 2017) : After the replacement of amalgam fillings with composite material, I got more established in my body. The way the sensitivity worked, changed. Earlier, probably I was feeling everything in a very intense way as the energy body was not properly anchored in the physical. Once I got more grounded in the body (after removal of amalgam fillings), I started feeling everything more at a physical level. At a subtle level, the metal crown did cause some imbalance, slightly disturbing the alignment of the physical with the energy body. May be it is because it is too close to the brain. Earlier I thought I could manage, keeping that. But the body was getting to feel more at a subtle level with inner work and I decided to get it replaced with some non metallic material. Soon after the removal of the metal crown, the alignment of the physical-energy body made a good progress. The problem with the metals might not even be the case for most of the people.. but, if you are into a lot of inner/energy work and sensitive to energy, it means the physical body has gone through some changes to feel and get impacted by the energy at the subtle level. In that case, both crystals and metals will have a deep impact on you. It is also possible that by birth you acquired the abilities to feel the subtle realities. Whatever be the case, if one is sensitive to the energy of metals, it feels great to be without the metals and be established in ones own energy. Metals and crystals could be used as pendants according to the need..

04 March 2016

Mind and Homeo

Science has accepted that the mind/mental problem is the root cause of most of the diseases.. It does not mean that mind is something bad and has to be got rid off. Sometimes, in a meditative saying, a thoughtless state is called a state of no mind. It just means that the mind is in its stillness, without waves. It is such a great tool and it depends on how good we are able to ease it and flow through life. The power to manifest and create depends on the health of mind and body which nobody could refuse.. Homeopathy is the only system I know that considers the mind when selecting medicines. The positive impact of the medicine is felt in the mind and the body quite soon, if the right medicine is selected.

Some of the homeo personalities:

Interesting.. Such an advanced system! I am having hard time stopping to write about it. :)

21 February 2016

Microcosm/Body and Macrocosm

Our physical body is the microcosm and the universe is the macrocosm. Our physical body and the universe are very closely related. So, it is generally said that even a small change in the macrocosm affects the microcosm and vice-versa. That is why when the cosmic changes happen, the Earth goes through a lot of change. We, the beings on Earth are closely linked to the energies of Earth and the heavenly bodies in our solar system and the solar system itself is impacted by greater changes. So, it is a dynamically changing system.

In short, the universe impacts you and you impact the universe. In meditation, if you sit still and allow the energies to work through you, it naturally tunes you into a greater harmony. This is one way of working. The other way is to play an active role working within the microcosm by moving the energy in the subtle body and changing the elemental balance. Both the ways are beautiful.. follow the way that attracts you. Everyone is unique and we have our own ways of working.

19 February 2016

A thought on Alchemy..

If you get an opportunity to literally get out of your shoe and experience yourself as a different person, you get a very different picture. To be more specific, if you are ruled by a particular planet, say Mercury (in the case of Gemini and Virgo) and you get to feel how it is to be ruled by Sun (in the case of Leo) you will be surprised to know how much you feel different or how your perception of the world changes. It is not so easy to undergo this experience for everyone. But, if you are having the ability to change your dominant elemental energy with ease, it is possible to experience this. I am not going into details here. Each planet has a metal related to it.. so, if you work with metals, you know the possibilities.

To be a human is not so easy.. ha ha.. when we are on planet earth, we are under the impact of the energy of different planets. It directly impacts the mind/psyche. By changing the balance of your elemental energy, it is possible to flow through life with ease. Alchemists are able to do that.

17 February 2016

If only you know you...

I am not speaking about any esoteric aspects here of knowing your past lives or parallel lives. I am speaking of the importance of knowing your mind-body complex. Each personality is unique and so is the body and both are closely intertwined. Imagine driving a car without knowing any basic mechanism of its functioning. In that case, each time it gives problem you have to run to a mechanic. If you know some basics of its functioning mechanism, probably you may avoid some repairs and also be able to do some basic repair works on your own. In the same way, if you understand your body and its functioning mechanism, you have more control over it.. You cannot control something that you cannot see or feel. We always do impact everything each and every moment.. but, when you feel or see, you take more conscious control over the implications.

So, the first step is becoming more conscious of the body. For sure you feel it.. might be it was too simple for you that you did not pay attention. For example you know how it feels when you eat a chilly and how it feels when you drink a tender coconut. Can you deny that you do not know the difference? Ha ha.. For sure you feel your body. When you pay attention to it more and more, you observe the energy aspects of it clearly and that is when you take more control over it. You then start feeling the meridians, the imbalance in the energy, your energy leaks, psychic impact of being alone or being in groups, you start to differentiate yourself from the collective unconscious. That is when the real evolution starts. Hurray!

Some of the ways through which you can impact your energy body: using crystals, homeo dilutions, tissue salts, meditation/energy work, connecting to Sun/Earth/Water/Fire.. You feel the difference when you take a swim and get toasted in sun.. ha ha.. So, no need to explain. Finding the balance in everything is the key. Each element has its unique nature and they play their own unique role. It is time to be your own master.

Edit: I have used the word control in a few places. It is more like impacting change and is a dynamic process. It is more like igniting change.. 

29 January 2016

Healing with Homeopathy!

This is just a short note on healing the body.. It is not uncommon that we go out of balance at physical and mental levels. The Allopathic system of medicine focuses on specific symptoms and tries to address it.. Even when a specific symptom is addressed, the other symptoms may still linger.. But in holistic ways, overall healing has to be the focus. In Ayurveda and Siddha, they try to address the imbalance through which healing happens.

I love the Homeopathic system. I feel and work with the medicines.. only on my body mostly. It is an energy medicine. There will be no original substance at 12C potency. Most of the times, we use 30C which is a much higher potency. To prepare 2C from 1C, one part of the 1C is mixed with 99 parts of spirit medium in a specific way. In the same way, the potency is increased gradually.. 3C is prepared by mixing one part of 2C with 99 parts of spirit medium/alcohol. A single medicine and even a single dose is enough at times to bring about healing, when the right medicine at a right potency is selected. It does not address a specific symptom, but kindles the overall healing ability of the body. You find a good difference at the physical and mental levels when the healing process happens.

I use at times metals and crystals to change the elemental energy of my body.. for example, citrine increases the fire element and moonstone increases the water element and the receptive nature. In the same way, I have been working with some of the homeo medicines to impact my mind/body.. I won't recommend such experiments unless you feel what it does with a single dose, at a subtler level.. But, you could use that system very well with the guidance of an expert homeopath. It is a miraculous system!

30 December 2015

Physical Ascension ~ Immortality

immortality, ascension, yoga
Physical ascension or the transformation of the body into more light is a slow process. Only a few were able to achieve that in the past, especially those who contributed the whole of their life, spending time in isolation with rigorous efforts. Times have changed. Our planet is vibrating at a higher frequency and it will continue to increase its frequency of vibration. So, it should be easier for us to transform our body. Through the natural process of evolution, it may still take many years for the human bodies to get transformed and pulsate at a higher frequency. If one wants a quicker progress, some effort is still required instead of allowing the body to shift in its own pace. You hold your own unique DNA at a soul level which keeps on transforming the physical body that you hold. With some work at a subtle level, this process could be accelerated. If you are able to work in your sushumna nadi/channel, this process could be accelerated. It helps the body produce more soma/divine nectar which helps in the process.

Sun gazing also helps in the process and it has to be done carefully, increasing the duration gradually. I would even suggest doing it with closed eyes. Facing the sun and connecting with its energy and feeling it inside the head will help activate the subtle body. It also increases the nectar secretion. You could even connect with your bonfire and feel its energy and feel how the body responds. If one has a dominant fire/air element, sun gazing has to be done in moderation as it will increase the fire drastically creating imbalance.

We also have to help the physical body heal itself, eliminating the toxins. Food plays a major role here - what we eat and how much we eat matters. We have the ability to feel the food and know it. Each food has its dominant elemental energy and a different frequency. Paying some attention to the body, observing it at subtler levels would help you make right choice of food, following your intuition. Using tissue salts and homeo dilutions would also accelerate the healing process. Flower essences will also help at emotional levels. If you are able to connect with the energy of crystals, that also would be of great help. Feeling everything and understanding our body is the key.

Good luck with the journey! 

18 October 2015

Homeopathy - A miraculous system of healing

I realised how powerful homeopathy is. Like feeling the energy of crystals and stones, I could feel the energy of the medicine. It is in fact an energy medicine. There is no active chemical substance in it as it is diluted many number of times in a specific manner.

I would love if others also could benefit from that. I cannot stop the joy within myself and I wanted to spread it. :D

It is advisable to meet an expert homeopath to find a medicine. Sometimes, only you know yourself better. When you read the materia medica of a specific medicine, if many of the symptoms mentioned fit you, you have found the miracle cure! Selecting the right medicine is the key. There are always more than one medicine in homeopathy for a given disease. It is more specific for a person than a disease.

To learn more about homeopathy:


Links to materia medica:


To find the list of medicines that would suit your health condition, you can do a general google search. From some articles, from the list, you have to find the right one. You can also use any online remedy finder like this: http://abchomeopathy.com/go.php. If you are using this one, it shows a specific medicine after asking you a series of questions. View the remedy grid to find all the medicines that might fit that symptom to select the best one.

When you read the symptoms of a remedy, for a specific symptom, you shall also find another remedy in the brackets which also would have to be explored.

Reading the materia medica about the medicine and selecting the right one is very important.

Sometimes, when the right remedy is taken, it may aggravate the symptoms temporarily and then curing it forever. If you are a very sensitive person, the remedy might be very powerful on you and might prove itself. In such cases, extra caution and right selection of potency is a must. If one is under the care of an experienced homeopath, they would be able to guide properly.

When we heal the  mind-matter complex, we evolve spiritually. Everything is deeply linked. Homeopathic remedies act at such  deep levels that it heals the whole of our being, accelerating our spiritual growth.

*Disclaimer: It is best to meet an expert homeopath and this is just to kindle your curiosity! Have fun! :D 

30 September 2015

Connecting With Your Inner Divinity

divine light Each one of us is connected to the source or the divine self. This connection is what bestows good health and a loving heart. The more connected we are, easier is to flow through the life on Earth. 

This divine connection is perceived as inner light, inner sound or the divine vibration. When we meditate on this connection, we strengthen our link to the source and is easier to stay balanced.

Not everyone may perceive all the three (inner light, sound and vibration). But, we all would have one or two dominant modes of connection, which we have to explore. Also, when we meditate and focus on one of the attributes, the other two kick in gradually.

The divine vibrations are quite easier to feel, for which one has to start with the breath. Observing the breath continuously helps the mind become subtle and sharp enough to be able to perceive the vibration all over the body or the energy body. If you are able to perceive sounds with closed ears or when there is complete silence, it might become a good object of meditation as well (also called as Nada yoga). Some perceive lights with closed eyes. If you are able to do that, that might become a wonderful connection to the source as well. One is not better than the other. Each one of us is unique and we have to find our own way of connecting to the source.

If it is difficult to perceive these modes of connecting, don't worry. Breath itself is a great link to meditate upon. Just observe the touch sensation of breath/air inside the nostrils and see how beautifully the mind calms down. This can be practiced the whole day, even when doing your regular activities. Connect and feel the bliss, that you are!

02 August 2015

Soma or the Divine Nectar

Soma or the divine nectar is the secretion that is produced within the human body. In some traditions the kechari mudra is given a lot of importance for the nectar to be produced/released. I do not consider kechari mudra to be a necessity for the production of this nectar.

This nectar when produced, drips inside the mouth and is sweet. Initially it can be even salty. But it is mostly sweet and delicious. :) It is very well tangible. It gives the yogic practitioner a very beautiful state of mind and makes the body disease free. This nectar is even expected to transform the physical body into an immortal body if there is enough of secretion. But, the alchemy of transmutation of physical body is a slow process. Probably if one lives long enough, this could be achieved.

This nectar is produced when the sexual fluids are transmuted into subtle form of energy through yogic practices like kriya pranayama in which the breath is rotated inside the sushumna. When one is properly moving the prana inside the sushumna, one can easily feel the warmth in the sushumna channel which is part of the subtle body. This process naturally happens in every person in natural states of happiness or excitement. If an artist is involved with the art, this process of transmutation may naturally happen. The yogic practices are just tools to speed up this process by many fold times. This process also happens powerfully with sun gazing. When one wants to try sun gazing, the duration has to be increased very slowly. Otherwise, it might disturb the eye sight. The process of transmuting with mind/breath is a safer and effective technique which I would recommend. So, should one refrain from having sex? It is not a necessity if one understands love making in the tantric way without wasting the essential fluids. 

08 January 2015

Tune In - Tune Out ~ Frequencies

tune frequency meditation
As a lightworker, you are here to ground the higher frequencies that this dimension requires. As you open up more and become sensitive,
you shall be able to feel different frequencies (from sadness/anger to the higher frequencies of joy). There is nothing wrong in experiencing sadness or feeling how the other people feel. But, if you own it, the whole scenario changes. You get tuned into that. You experience different tastes from different food. Usually, you taste it and let go. In the same way, you have the ability to experience different emotions and feelings that you may have to let go. You are experiencer.. You are like a radio that has the ability to tune into different broadcasting stations. If you continuously tune into a specific frequency, you get more of its nature and you relate more with it.

You are not here to experience a lower frequency and heal it. There is nothing to heal. A frequency is a frequency. You change your personal frequency and you experience the world in a different way. When we are sad, if we watch a happy movie, it alters our mood. It does not mean that you have healed something that you were experiencing earlier. You just shifted your frequency.

The only healing that we have to do is, open up the subtler energy channels in us and allow the higher frequencies to go through. You are here to become a channel of light. To open up the subtler energy channels, work at the subtler level through meditation. Feel the energy body and you shall also start feeling where the blocks are. Working with the breath shall help one go subtler. We are in a dimension where we hold a gross physical body (it is also energy and it just vibrates in frequency lesser than astral body) and it becomes equally important to work on that too. You felt invigorated after a swim or a simple exercise? It energises the subtler body and makes more of the energy to flow through. There are two ways of energy movement - it ascends and descends. It moves either from subtle to gross or from gross to subtle. Both happens at all times. Meditating on subtler body may anchor more of subtler energy in your physical.. Physical activity, transmutes more of your energy to subtler form. Both the physical and the subtler bodies need to be healthy, for you to be a powerful channel of energies. So, the work at both gross and subtler level becomes necessary.

When the central psychic channel, sushumna is open, a forceful flow of energy through it, always keeps you in a high vibration. It is necessary to work on it by doing techniques like kriya pranayama. Working in whole of the subtle body shall also for sure open it in a wonderful manner. Go subtle! You could also get the help of crystals.

Be a channel of light to help yourself and others. Hold the highest possible frequency!

16 December 2014

Sushumna - The Highway to Heaven!

yogic practice liberation
Sushumna is the main psychic channel that runs along the spinal coloumn in the subtler body. When the prana runs through sushumna, the breath flows in both the nostrils. It is the goal of a Yogi/Yogini to get the breath flowing through Sushumna to get relieved from the grip of the mind.

It is easier to be at mental peace when you are in meditative places. The challenge is to keep your inner peace when living a modern city life that may be too demanding. The inner peace is at your hand when the breath flows through sushumna.

There are many yogic practices that force the prana through sushumna. One of the famous mudras is 'Maha mudra' which is a set of hatha yoga poses. This mudra is said to have the power over death. Such is the power of that mudra and it is usually taught under proper supervision in Kriya yoga lineages. If done properly, it prepares the body for the activation of sushumna. Naturally, the prana starts moving through sushumna if one is into a system of meditation that works directly at the subtler levels.

The breath naturally shifts between the left and right nostrils and flows through sushumna for a brief moment. Our goal is to get it flowing through sushumna, most of the times. I would like to introduce a simple technique which would work readily for many. It is possible to shift the flow of breath with the mind itself. The best way to keep the breath flowing through sushumna is to keep the focus/awareness on the bridge between the nostrils. In the picture, I have shaded that region red. The statue seems not to have hole for the nostrils.. Never mind! :) Good luck on the path of self mastery!

15 December 2014

Cleanse your mind!

meditate, statue
We cleanse our body regularly to get rid of dirt. In the same way, our mind requires cleansing. During the day, we go through different thought forms from human interactions, watching TV, reading newspaper, etc.. All these activities leave some impression in our mind. It becomes vital to cleanse the mind and rest in your own energy to completely heal yourself daily. Your energy is your best healing agent.

One of the simple ways to do this would be to observe the breath. There is a Zen saying.. Sit like a mountain and observe the thoughts as if they are floating clouds. Allowing the thoughts to flow through becomes easy when the awareness is on the breath. If the awareness moves from breath to the thoughts again, bring it back to the breath and settle with your breath.

If you are already into meditation, focus on the gaps between the thoughts, if you could feel it. Stay in the thoughtless state even if it happens for brief moments. Breath also shall be very shallow in that state. One reaches this state with ease if the prana moves through sushumna (breath balanced in both the nostrils). One could even walk and observe the thoughtless state. It is resting in the awareness itself. Rest in yourself and cherish the inner peace!

13 December 2014

Be your Magician!

A magician is one who tries to use the elemental energy in his favour and flow through the life accomplishing even the impossible. Impossible is just the term of someone who does not see or feel the subtler realities. A magician tries to see or feel the subtler realities and takes control over the mind and body. There is unlimited possibility in this Earth with its higher dimensional energies flowing through.

You are a being of energy and the body that you hold is not as gross as it looks. It is becoming more and more becoming lighter. With some understanding of the psychic channels and the ways to play with the energy, you could start taking more control over yourself.

The body is like a master switch. The way our consciousness expresses itself in this dimension depends on our body. Our body changes daily, with more of the souls energy pouring in, doing the alterations for it to sustain the high frequencies of the New Age (5th dimensional energy). A good way to start would be to feel the impact of food, the way you feel in different places, the impact of your thoughts, etc.. Putting a drop of blue ink in a glass of plain water will have its impact.. In the same way, everything is energy and everything has an impact on you. It is time that we take responsibility and control over our lives. It is time to shed the limitations!

11 December 2014

You are your responsibility!

You are a being of energy and your energy is what reflects in your mind/thoughts. Like the foods having a variety of tastes, different places and people hold a different energy. If you keep your hand in cold water, you feel the chillness. If you immerse your hand in the warm water, you feel the warmth of it. In the same way, we daily go through different frequencies of energies that has impact on our mind and body.

You have your own energy signature which gives you comfort, when you allow it to shine bright. Keeping your energy intact is your responsibility.. You would not harm your body walking on a thorny place without a footwear. In the same way, you have to protect your energy body. A market has a different energy and a temple has a different energy. So, it is our responsibility to select the situations and places where we want to be. The people you relate with will also will have a direct impact. Your energy body gets strengthened and protected when it is properly grounded. Also the food that we eat matters a lot. Selecting foods that would digest quicker with less strain on the system shall allow you to hold your energy signature beautifully. Hold your own light!

30 October 2014

DNA Activation with Sound Frequencies

Human DNA has been created and programmed to get activated to its full potential, with all the 12 strands coming into full activity as the vibration of the planet increases to the 5th Dimensional frequency. Already many are undergoing ascension symptoms and intense activation energies as high frequency energies are sweeping through.

This process could be accelerated and the ascension symptoms facilitated without much of physical and mental stress by using some coded sounds or frequencies of sound that come from higher dimensions to help us. These frequencies have the capability to awaken and guide us along the path of ascension.

You could access some of the beautiful and powerful frequencies for free from here:

https://judysatori.com/free/ (there are links on the right side with different categories)


If you are interested in knowing more about the creation process and the origins of human DNA, Judy Satori's book 'Sunshine Before The Dawn' would be a treasure.

Happy Ascension!

24 October 2014

You are Divine!

You are a divine being and you are already in tune with higher dimensions.

When you are perceiving sounds with closed ears (inside the head), seeing lights with closed eyes and feeling the energy.. it marks the connection to the higher dimensions.

In your dream state, you are beyond the third dimension. A spark of intuition always comes from a higher dimension.

To strengthen the connection with the higher dimensions, we have to work on the connection itself. If you are more sensitive to the energy, you could be aware of your energy body at all times. If you could see lights, you could spend more time on that during meditation. One can be constantly be aware of the inner sounds, amidst the external noise.

Staying tuned to the higher dimensions shall accelerate your personal shift!

19 October 2014

Working with Earth star chakra!

earth star chakra stones
Earth star chakra is a transpersonal chakra located below the soles of the feet. With the ascension energies, the transpersonal chakras could be easily activated and the energy flow strengthened. When the Earth star chakra gets activated, it may have impact on the Soul star chakra and vice versa.

The Earth star chakra anchors us strongly to the Earth. It makes us grounded! The stones that are black in colour, mostly work on the Earth star chakra, like black tourmaline, smoky quartz and black obsidian. Iron also strongly connects to the Earth star chakra.

When we connect with this chakra, we may feel the body getting more strengthened with the elemental energy of Earth. It also brings up deeper issues (emotional/physical) for us to face and heal. If the heart chakra and the higher chakras are open enough, one could bravely face those issues.. It is our own garbage and we have to face it sometime and heal! :) When we work with this chakra, we also connect with the collective consciousness. When we heal our personal issues, we shall be able to become better anchors of light. Opening up the Soul star and the Earth star chakras shall make us wonderful pillars of light..

If the earth element dominates, it may even constipate the physical body (this happens easily if the water element in the environment is less - warm regions; it is easier to feel earth on warm days). It would be wonderful to balance the earth element with water element. I prefer copper for that. Stones like moonstone and amethyst also would help with their water element. Water keeps everything flowing! If it gets too difficult to handle, take off grounding stones. When you are prepared enough, bravely wear it again! ha ha.. Have fun!