10 September 2014

The Magic of Breathless State (a samadhi)

breathless samadhi
Breathless state is a type of samadhi in which the breath is almost in a suspended state. As the energy body opens up, the prana starts moving through the sushumna (the central psychic pathway) in a powerful way. It is at that stage, the breath becomes feeble and one can enter states of breathless state. When the prana flows through sushumna, you can feel the air flowing through both the nostrils. It is quite easy to feel.. There is no magic or something that cannot be proven.

Ways to open up psychic pathways: Some of the powerful ways to work with the psychic pathways requires one go subtle. Kriya pranayama, which is one of the techniques of Kriya yoga works directly with the psychic pathway. If you are able to feel and work with the whole of your subtler energy body (as in Vipassana), that also opens up the sushumna in a wonderful way. To feel the energy body, one has to initially work with breath. Working with the breath is a whole system in itself and can give wonderful results.

08 September 2014

Food, Body and Shifting with Ascension Energies

vegetablesYour Body is the vehicle that holds the spirit (you). Water can penetrate a sponge faster than a rock. In the same way, the spirit can relate or be more present in the body when it is lighter. In this third dimension, for the spirit to express itself better, it is very vital to take care of the health of the physical body.

If you construct a house with iron, it has a different property and if you construct a building with brick, it has a different nature. In the same way, the nature of your body depends upon the food that you feed your body. So, with your food, you impact the whole of your being in this dimension.

A simple vegetarian food would be good. If you can go raw, it is still better. Your body knows what is best for you. Just feel the food and get to know what it does. You may find that your energy level drops down immediately if you take processed sugar. The best way to select/avoid food is based on your feeling nature. Each body may be in a different stage.

26 July 2014

Sun gazing for superiour health and spiritual evolution

sun gazing
Sun is the most powerful source of prana (cosmic energy) available to us to get our body and mind transformed in a very short time.

We are in the process of shifting from the 3rd/4th dimensional vibration to the 5th dimensional vibration. Our entire solar system is inside the photonic belt and is helping the Earth increase her vibration. So, it is very easy for us, the residents of the Earth, to increase the vibration of our physical vehicle.

Sun is already vibrating at a very high frequency. When this high frequency energy is properly taken inside the body and digested, it can bring great transformation in a very short time.

It can activate the pituitary and pineal and energize whole of our energy body which will naturally take care of the physical health and spiritual progress. Once the psychic pathways are properly open, nectar (soma) starts secreting inside the head and drips down which tastes sweet. This transforms the body and may pave way to immortality. Remember that you are already immortal as a spirit. Only the body that you have inhabited is mortal.

02 July 2014

If you have physical pain...

As we shift with the ascension energies, our bodies are becoming more and more sensitive.. So, it
is our responsibility to understand the elements and use them in our favour. Each food/crystal/metal has a elemental energy - earth/water/fire/air.

With the help of a crystal or a metal, we can easily get into a better balance or can even get out of balance. So, it is very vital to be aware of the crystals that we keep close or wear.

If the fire element goes out of balance and dominates your system, it may create physical pain and also may make you less receptive. Gold, pyrite, citrine are few of the metals/crystals that have a strong fire element. Use them cautiously.
Citrine and pyrite are very good for psychic protection and purification of your energy body. If you are sensitive to the energy, you shall know when it is too much.. If you wear crystals regularly, balance the elements according to the need of your body/bodies.

Moonstone/silver/amethyst have a dominant water element. So, if you are thrown out of balance by a powerful fire element, water element may bring back the balance.

Copper makes the energy flow through the body and it would also help regain the balance. Combine the crystals, only if you are aware of its energy and know for sure what it does. 

14 May 2014

Copper - A Magical Metal!!

copperCrystals and metals have got their unique metaphysical value. Whether you are aware of it or not,
the metals and crystals that are within your energy body will impact your mind and body.

Copper is known for its magical and healing abilities. As the frequency is on an increase, your body may require help getting adjusted to the higher frequencies. If you are having problem grounding your energies, instead of using a grounding stone, you could consider using copper, which is really awesome!