25 December 2011

When Seeing is Just Seeing...

The world is not the same for everyone. It varies according to the mind of the seer. To be more precise, your mind is the world for you.

The happiness or the pain that we suffer is dependent upon our mind and the way we look at the situations. When seeing happens, it does not just end with the seeing. There is always more to that seeing, that happens inside. That is interpretation of that seeing, according to the past moulding of the mind.

22 July 2011

Enlightenment - Sudden or Gradual

Enlightenment may be a sudden and quick one. It may happen any time spontaneously. But it may take some time for the mind to get to a state of realization of the change that has happened. For some of the masters, it even took a long time to understand what has happened to them. They had to find some masters to get to know what has happened to them. At such times, the spiritual scriptures would make a great sense and would reveal a deeper understanding of what has happened.

In fact, the awakening or the realization is for the mind and it is not for your real being or the You. You are already in a state of enlightenment or realizing the ‘You’ by your mind could be termed as the awakening.

29 June 2011

Fastest Way to Self Realization

Self Realization : Realization of the self. It is just the realization of the existing self and there is no need to add anything to the self. The self is ever pure and animates all the beings and it is changeless and everlasting.

Our responsibility is to just remove the layers that cover the 'I' by transcending 'i', where 'I' is the real self and 'i' is our imagination or the mental image of what we consider ourselves to be.

This is not to be achieved. Achievement is the play of the mind. It has to be realized. It is a simple happening that will happen by awareness.

18 June 2011

Realizing Truth - Possible only without mind

The Truth of human existence or the eternal truth or the so called liberation could only be achieved transcending the mind. The same has been referred to as nirvana, enlightenment and mukti. It is not possible to comprehend the ultimate truth with the help of the mind as the human mind has a lot of limitations. A human being is not just made of mind and body. There is one more important component, the consciousness, which animates the mind and the body.

To understand consciousness, you have to rest in consciousness and become consciousness itself (already you are the consciousness). This is possible when the mind is given rest and the consciousness is allowed to flower. Every human being is realized and nothing more has to be added or learned to attain that state. It is not a state to be attained at all. It is a state that has to be realized. To realize that state, we have to just remove the barrier, the curtain, which is the mind.

06 June 2011

Is Vegetarian Diet a Must on Spiritual Path

This is one of the questions that pop up in the mind of one who is new to the spiritual practices. Many of the masters gave a lot of stress on a vegetarian diet.

There are even some famous masters who had given a green signal for non-vegetarian diet. Even the Buddha allowed his monks to eat meat if it is not heard, seen or learnt that the animal is not killed especially for that monk.

What we eat has a direct impact on our mind and body. But, the same food may not have the same impact on different persons. It greatly depends on the make-up of that individual.

01 June 2011

Working Nature of Vipassana

If you have attended a 10 day vipassana programme, you would have observed S.N.Goenka telling on how different people understand how vipassana works. I have my own understanding of how vipassana works with the Eastern philosophy as the background.

A human being has three bodies: physical, astral and causal. The physical body is the gross aspect which is visible to the physical eyes. The astral body is subtler and the causal body is still more subtle compared to the physical body.

After death, the astral body is also dissolved. It is only the causal body that remains the same (with +/- karmic debts). This causal body is said to be the store house of the karmic imprints. If the causal body is cleared of all the imprints and dissolved, liberation is achieved.

13 May 2011

Yoga for Health

Yoga is a term which refers to the union of the human with the God or the Self with the Higher Self. This term is many a times used to refer physical exercise or just Yoga postures (Yoga asanas) as many commercial yoga masters are coming up with the idea of making money with this magical word. Yogasana is a part of the bigger picture. According to the eight fold path of the great saint Patanjali, Yogasana is one of the eight components that would aid in achieving the state of union of the Self with the Higher self.

A good health would be a natural result if the Yoga happens. Yes, it has to happen. We can just facilitate the process through some efforts like meditation.

06 May 2011

Developing Spiritual Eye

Third eye is referred to as spiritual eye and has been given significance in many of the spiritual scriptures. When the spiritual eye starts developing, a person on the spiritual path is able to observe the thoughts or the incidents, being detached from the thought or the incident, as an observer, thus coming out of the vicious grip of the mind. This establishes a seeker on the path and helps the further progress.

Developing spiritual eye
There are a lot of materials available in the market that claim to fasten the development of the spiritual eye. It would not be a holistic approach to just concentrate on the third eye or the spiritual eye, for its development. 

05 May 2011

Meditation and Karma

When one speaks of meditation, the first question one may ask, if not into meditation is, why do you meditate?

There may be different answers for this. It may be for better physical health, better mental health, dealing with stress... To attain liberation, would be the apt answer. If one dives deep into the Eastern philosophy, the word Karma (the fruits of the action one does) has a lot of significance as it determines the whole scenario for the individual. Instead of saying that the karma determines the life of an individual, it would be better to say, that the individual determines his life by creating karma (either good or bad) through his free will.

27 April 2011

Mind is a Barrier for Enlightenment

A powerful weapon that a human being has got, in the process of evolution, is a powerful mind, which can imagine and manifest. It is through this mind we recognize what we see. For example, a flower is given in the hands of a Botanist and a Mechanic. Both have their mind conditioned in a different manner. If you ask both of them to write a page about that flower, you could see a great deal of difference in their writings. But, the flower is the same. How could it be? A same flower makes different sense for different persons! It is the play of the mind according to the conditioning. Both of them are seeing the same flower through a different lens (the conditioned mind). But, only a person who is capable of transcending the mind may see the reality of what it (the object that we recognized as flower) really is, without any lens.

14 April 2011

Secrets of Vipassana

Vipassana is one of the ancient Buddhist ways of meditation. It is very well known for its efficiency and immediate results. Vipassana is being taught by different masters with slight variations. Some go completely with the body sensations and some go with only breath. In this article, by Vipassana, I mean the practice that gives more importance to body sensations, Vedana. Mr.S.N.Goenka spreads the practice of Vipassana which gives the entire stress on body sensations.   

There is another famous master Eckhart Tolle who speaks of a similar practice in a different manner. Eckhart Tolle refers to a practice in which the inner body is observed with its vibrations and sensations. Though both of the practices are very similar, they have been described in a different manner.

Secrets of Kriya yoga

Kriya Yoga is one of the ancient systems of meditation which is famous in India and it has spread in many parts of the world by the effort of Indian masters.

Kriya yoga is considered to be the fastest way of realizing the truth or the fastest way to realize our own identity. For a long time, the techniques of Kriya yoga were kept secret and guarded in the Himalayan ranges, by the practitioners. It was spreading from a Guru directly to his disciples.

The masters of the Kriya yoga lineage starts from Mahavatar Babaji, as generally known. Though there were many other masters before Babaji, it was Babaji who made it available to the mankind out of grace and compassion.

Third Eye Activation

Third eye has been mentioned in many spiritual texts. It is not the physical eye, but an esoteric or an inner eye. It refers to the ajna chakra, between the eyebrows, deep inside the brain.

There has been mention of 7 major chakras along the Sushumna channel (region of spinal cord), starting from the basal chakra to the crown chakra. Ajna or the brow centre is called the command centre as it has control over all the chakras down, from throat chakra to basal chara. So only, there has been a great emphasis on this chakra. Once the commanding centre is made active, it takes care of commanding and bringing in place the rest under its control.

Reiki healing and healer

When we have any complications with our health, the first thing we do is, rush to a hospital. Why do we do so? We do not know how to heal ourselves. Reiki is a system of healing which uses the universal energy to heal in a holistic manner.

Human being is considered the most evolved in the process of evolution. In this process of evolution, the capability of an individual has increased. But, we rarely care for it, to develop and make use of it. Reiki is one such great tool, we miss to use.

The Zen Way

The Zen way of meditation is simple and effective. Zen teaches one to live in the present with complete awareness, so that one comes out of dreaming about the future or reflecting on the past.

There is no sorrow or unhappiness in the present. It might have been in the past or it might be in your dream of future. When we flow with our thoughts, we forget our real self and become a bundle of thoughts ourselves. When we are able to separate ourselves from our thoughts and are able to observe our thoughts, life becomes clear and the implication of thoughts on us fades away.

Wonders of Vipassana

Vipassana is one of the meditative techniques given by The Buddha. Some 2500 years back, the technique of vipassana was followed and spread over many parts of India. It was then taken to Burma and kept in its pristine purity. The technique was written and also spread in a oral tradition. In the due course of time, the technique lost its purity in India and was lost. It has now come back to India in its own purity through a well known lineage from Burma and is getting rooted. It is not only getting rooted in India, but also in many parts of the world because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

Meditate for a revolution

We are interested in having a better living environment around. To achieve it, we work in different ways, in different sectors, at different scales, individually or collectively. The activities may be focused on global warming, organic farming, pollution, health.... The list is endless. What we basically try to do is trying to bring some change in the attitude or the working nature of the individual or a collective.

10 April 2011

Fasting for health

Why should one fast?
Our human body is like any other working machine. But, one of the extraordinary feature it has got is the ability to repair itself. When this extraordinary feature is allowed to do its work, there is no need for any external intervention in the form of medicine or any therapy.

The human body continuously eliminates the toxic materials, cleanses the dead content and does rejuvenate. This process happens more efficiently and in a full swing when we sleep. Even during the sleep, this process is hindered if we eat late at night. Our body spends quite a lot of energy for digesting the food that we intake. This is the reason we feel a bit tired after a heavy meal. If the digestive system is given a proper rest, the body utilises the energy for other necessary functions of repairing and rejuvenating.

Breath and Mind

There are different type of individuals in this world and each one has a own perspective towards the self, the others and the environment around. So, what makes this difference? Why is there such a high degrees of difference from one individual to the other? It is all dependent upon the mind and the intellect of the individual. Having command over breath means command over the mind.

Connect with your higher self

Human being is said to be the most evolved being in this planet as claimed by the scientists and the spiritual masters. A highly evolved being has to enjoy a perfect health and happiness when compared to all the beings in this world. But, this is not the case most of the times. We find animals and plants living a healthier life. A bird or an animal hunts or searches for its food till it dies in the forest. They never visit any hospitals. They have their strong system which is stable and is capable enough to heal and rejuvenate. It is sad that the highly evolved human being has lost the art of healing the self and is at the mercy of the doctors. So, it is high time that we find the ways of healing the self and regain our health which will be dealt in the article at a brief.

06 February 2011

How to sit for meditation

Body and our mind are very closely related. When the body is still, the mind becomes still. So, for a proper meditation to happen, it is necessary to select a comfortable and a steady position. It is always good to maintain the same pose for meditation, at least during the initial phases. This will properly train the body for long sittings.

05 February 2011

Why should one meditate

Meditation is a tool with which we could directly bring impact on mind and beyond. There are many reasons for which one takes to meditation. A business person takes to meditation to increase his efficiency of operation. A strained person takes to meditation to relax and rejuvenate. It could also be considered a tool to improve health.

Though there are different reasons for which one thinks of meditation, the highest goal of meditation remains the same. It is to transcend mind and to realize the truth or our own identity. Meditation yields maximum benefits when this goal is kept in mind. To be more accurate, meditation yields the highest results, when there are no goals for the meditation.

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