06 February 2011

How to sit for meditation

Body and our mind are very closely related. When the body is still, the mind becomes still. So, for a proper meditation to happen, it is necessary to select a comfortable and a steady position. It is always good to maintain the same pose for meditation, at least during the initial phases. This will properly train the body for long sittings.

05 February 2011

Why should one meditate

Meditation is a tool with which we could directly bring impact on mind and beyond. There are many reasons for which one takes to meditation. A business person takes to meditation to increase his efficiency of operation. A strained person takes to meditation to relax and rejuvenate. It could also be considered a tool to improve health.

Though there are different reasons for which one thinks of meditation, the highest goal of meditation remains the same. It is to transcend mind and to realize the truth or our own identity. Meditation yields maximum benefits when this goal is kept in mind. To be more accurate, meditation yields the highest results, when there are no goals for the meditation.

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