14 April 2011

Death and Human Being

Death, we know is one of the inevitable happenings in this world. Even though we know it is going to happen for sure, we are least prepared to face it.

We don’t know whether this world would exist after some 20 years or not. We don’t even know whether we would exist tomorrow. But, with the only hope that tomorrow is going to exist, we put all our efforts in this world led by monetary economy. Even in this uncertainty, we fight, celebrate, harass, compete, but rarely contemplate. But, death, we know is for certain. Why not prepare ourselves for it?

To get more involved in this topic, we need to understand first what death is and what a human being is. Once this is understood, we could understand what death is to a human being.

What is a human being? In pure form, human being is Consciousness. It has neither mind nor body. So, if we define a human being, it is Consciousness coated with different layers (physical, astral and causal bodies). ‘Coated with’ may not be a correct way of expression. It is just to make the understanding simple. Mind (manomayakosha – Sanskrit term) is the part and parcel of the human being. It is with this mind, we perceive different things/concepts at different times, in a different manner. Once we grow up, we build a lot of attachments to the world around. So, when the thought of death comes, we panic that we may have to leave all these attached objects and people and hence the fear.

This fear goes away when we realize who we are in reality, transcending mind and body. In that state we know mind is our tool and not our totality. So, in short, death is of the body and not you, your real YOU, the SELF.

Then, why should we prepare ourselves or what should be the preparation? This human body is a rare gift we have got to know our real identity. Without the human body, we cannot perceive our real nature or the God-hood. This rare gift is mortal and has a specific period of existence after which the components would be disintegrated and returned back to the nature. So, it is in our hands to use this body as a tool and realize our identity. Once the truth is realized, you may not fear death, as you may be able to leave the body according to your own will, as has been proved by many Yogis.


  1. Hi Jeya,
    Hope you can place me. Read your blog on death. Just wanted to ask you what makes you believe that human life is only pure consciouness ? How do you prove this.

    Tejinder Singh

    1. Glad to have your comment. Proving something like this is quite tough. Let me try...

      The mind and the matter (our physical body) are just two sides of the same coin. There is no need for a proof for this as you would have experienced this yourself. Whenever there are mental disturbances/worries, it would immediately reflect on the physical body. So, the mind and matter are very impermanent.

      We are able to see the impermanence of this mind/matter. If we are this mind or matter, it would not be possible to see this fact. So, there is some other faculty that is able to observe. I would name it pure awareness/consciousness. This is what we really are.

      In the Zen practice, importance is given to observe the thoughts. Then one comes to observe the gap between the thoughts and as one progresses the thought waves reduce greatly and there is just gap (pure awareness). At that time, there is no body/mind. What is left is pure space/You/awareness. This consciousness permeates the mind/body and animates each and every living being staying not affected by anything.

      It would be easier to experience than to understand with the mind as we are speaking about something that is beyond mind. I do not know what else to say. Please feel free to post more questions if any. I shall do my level best to answer.