10 April 2011

Why be a vegetarian

Before going into the topic on why be a vegetarian, we should be clear on why we eat. We eat to provide adequate nutrition to our body so that we are able to carry on with our regular duties. If we eat from the perspective of maintaining a healthy mind and body, only then the significance of the right diet comes in. If we eat just to satisfy our taste buds, we would have to take hard lessons with some irreversible loses.
A famous saying goes 'you are what you eat'. Not only our physical state, but also our mental state is dependent on what we eat.

What are the direct advantages

Longer life: A vegetarian diet is digested easily compared to a non vegetarian    diet, thus reducing the working hours of our digestive system and putting less strain on the system.

Less toxins: In the food chain, it is clear that animals have more toxins than plants.

Protect your heart: Animal food has saturated fatty acids that would affect your heart.

Green diet: Meat takes more resources (water, fuel ....) for production, contributing to global warming.

Harmful hormones: When an animal is killed, it enters a state of great fear under which it releases fear hormones that are stored in its body and is not suitable for human consumption.

Body weight: It helps reducing the weight

Some spiritual reasons

1. Killing is not a good act when we could manage without killing for feeding our  body. If one is on a vegetarian diet for a long time and takes a non vegetarian diet in between, one could directly feel the changes that  happen at the mental level.

2. It adds bad karma (impressions on our causal body).

3. Coming out of the animal instincts would be tough if addicted to non-veg.

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