29 June 2011

Fastest Way to Self Realization

Self Realization : Realization of the self. It is just the realization of the existing self and there is no need to add anything to the self. The self is ever pure and animates all the beings and it is changeless and everlasting.

Our responsibility is to just remove the layers that cover the 'I' by transcending 'i', where 'I' is the real self and 'i' is our imagination or the mental image of what we consider ourselves to be.

This is not to be achieved. Achievement is the play of the mind. It has to be realized. It is a simple happening that will happen by awareness.

18 June 2011

Realizing Truth - Possible only without mind

The Truth of human existence or the eternal truth or the so called liberation could only be achieved transcending the mind. The same has been referred to as nirvana, enlightenment and mukti. It is not possible to comprehend the ultimate truth with the help of the mind as the human mind has a lot of limitations. A human being is not just made of mind and body. There is one more important component, the consciousness, which animates the mind and the body.

To understand consciousness, you have to rest in consciousness and become consciousness itself (already you are the consciousness). This is possible when the mind is given rest and the consciousness is allowed to flower. Every human being is realized and nothing more has to be added or learned to attain that state. It is not a state to be attained at all. It is a state that has to be realized. To realize that state, we have to just remove the barrier, the curtain, which is the mind.

06 June 2011

Is Vegetarian Diet a Must on Spiritual Path

This is one of the questions that pop up in the mind of one who is new to the spiritual practices. Many of the masters gave a lot of stress on a vegetarian diet.

There are even some famous masters who had given a green signal for non-vegetarian diet. Even the Buddha allowed his monks to eat meat if it is not heard, seen or learnt that the animal is not killed especially for that monk.

What we eat has a direct impact on our mind and body. But, the same food may not have the same impact on different persons. It greatly depends on the make-up of that individual.

01 June 2011

Working Nature of Vipassana

If you have attended a 10 day vipassana programme, you would have observed S.N.Goenka telling on how different people understand how vipassana works. I have my own understanding of how vipassana works with the Eastern philosophy as the background.

A human being has three bodies: physical, astral and causal. The physical body is the gross aspect which is visible to the physical eyes. The astral body is subtler and the causal body is still more subtle compared to the physical body.

After death, the astral body is also dissolved. It is only the causal body that remains the same (with +/- karmic debts). This causal body is said to be the store house of the karmic imprints. If the causal body is cleared of all the imprints and dissolved, liberation is achieved.