27 March 2012

Enlightenment is Our Natural State

Enlightenment is the natural state of our being. It sounds too simple. You may think of asking, why then only a fraction of the human population is enlightened. It is because, we give more importance to the mind and we always work on improving that. The pure awareness could be equated to a plain white paper. The mind is something like a painting on that white paper. When we work on the mind, we give a different coating over the existing coating, trying to create a better mind. The awareness is always pure and no external thing can pollute it. It is the emptiness itself. How could something stick to that emptiness.

The only way to get back to our real nature or being established in our pure awareness, is to make the mind pure. When the mind is perfectly pure, it becomes non-existent. For example, the pure water is perfectly transparent, tasteless and odourless. When there are some minerals or solute particles, it may become a solution and take a different name, by losing its purity. In the same way, the ultra pure mind is a non-existent mind.

26 March 2012

Yoga Nidra - The Yogic Sleep

Yoga Nidra or the Yogic Sleep is one of the practices that the yogis have been practicing for going deep into their being or getting established in the awareness of the self, the natural state of existence.

A combination of Yoga nidra and the sitting meditative pose will help one realize the natural state of awareness quicker. If one is already an advanced student of meditation, one does not put any special effort to do yoga nidra as it naturally happens. If one is in the early stages of the practice, it will greatly help to progress faster. 

Yoga nidra is not a special technique. It is simply the way of observing. Just by observing, one gets established in the natural state of awareness and not by doing anything. If you know what to observe and how to observe, you achieve best results.