12 November 2013

You are your frequency!

Every thought and feeling has got its own frequency of energy. Feeling of anger, sorrow and hatred are all part of a lower frequency of energy. Feeling of love and happiness hold a higher frequency of energy. Like a radio that can get tuned to a different frequency of waves, we as a human can get tuned into different frequencies. Can you experience love and hatred together? Impossible... Right? But, you can experience both! What it means is, you have the ability to experience different frequencies of energy!

We can control the radio to make it receive a specific station by tuning it into a specific frequency. In the same way, we have the option to get tuned into a higher or a lower frequency. When you are tuned into a higher frequency, you feel optimistic and motivated with full of love.

06 November 2013

Grounding higher frequencies for physical transformation

Grounding the higher frequencies of energy through the physical body is the secret to transform the physical body. As the physical body gets tuned to a higher frequency of energy, the diseases get healed and the mind becomes more beautiful, radiating divine joy.

Our solar system has already entered a photon band which is of a very high frequency. So, this is time for everyone to get tuned to a higher frequency of energy with ease. There will be a rapid spiritual evolution and everyone will start radiating more love and joy, transcending the limitations of the human mind.

02 October 2013

A must read, if you are not able to ground your energy!

A proper grounding is necessary to lead a healthy life on this physical plane and
meditation, standing, god
evolve spiritually. A higher frequency of energy enters through the crown chakra from above the head. That energy has to pass through your energy meridian and get grounded in the mother earth. If this does not happen, then, your grounding mechanism is not working properly.

Symptoms of poor grounding include the following

- Easily getting irritated
- Not able to handle people or situations
- Highly sensitive to other people's energies (and not feeling comfortable)
- Not even able to drive with concentration
- The whole world seems to fight you (you are not able to flow with life)
- At extreme situations, you dont feel like walking on the ground
- Poor metabolism and loss of appettite
- Easily getting exhausted

21 August 2013

Proper combination of crystals for healing and spiritual progress

If you are using a single gemstone and you are
comfortable with it, then it is very
simple and effective. If you are not thrown out of balance (happens in the case of high vibration crystals) and at the same time get a feel that the crystal is really working effectively, you need not bother about combinations.

But if you are required to combine crystals, then its elemental energies need to be kept in mind to make sure that the crystal works in you properly and you derive the highest benefit. Having experienced the power of crystals, one may get a desire to make it more powerful and progress faster on the path. So, the combination may help you at such times. But one should keep in mind that one good stone is more effective than a combination of a few stones that is improper.

12 January 2013

Crystals for Spiritual Development

Crystals have special energy that can help us on the path of spiritual progress. Each crystal has a specific frequency which can be used in our favour. For a proper meditation to happen, the energy channels in our body needs to be clear without blocks. In some of the yogic techniques like Kriya yoga, kriya pranayama is done before sitting and enjoying the meditative state. As you advance on the path of yoga, meditation happens on its own as you sit down. Whether you are an advanced practitioner or a starter on the path, crystals can help you progress faster.