02 October 2013

A must read, if you are not able to ground your energy!

A proper grounding is necessary to lead a healthy life on this physical plane and
meditation, standing, god
evolve spiritually. A higher frequency of energy enters through the crown chakra from above the head. That energy has to pass through your energy meridian and get grounded in the mother earth. If this does not happen, then, your grounding mechanism is not working properly.

Symptoms of poor grounding include the following

- Easily getting irritated
- Not able to handle people or situations
- Highly sensitive to other people's energies (and not feeling comfortable)
- Not even able to drive with concentration
- The whole world seems to fight you (you are not able to flow with life)
- At extreme situations, you dont feel like walking on the ground
- Poor metabolism and loss of appettite
- Easily getting exhausted