12 November 2013

You are your frequency!

Every thought and feeling has got its own frequency of energy. Feeling of anger, sorrow and hatred are all part of a lower frequency of energy. Feeling of love and happiness hold a higher frequency of energy. Like a radio that can get tuned to a different frequency of waves, we as a human can get tuned into different frequencies. Can you experience love and hatred together? Impossible... Right? But, you can experience both! What it means is, you have the ability to experience different frequencies of energy!

We can control the radio to make it receive a specific station by tuning it into a specific frequency. In the same way, we have the option to get tuned into a higher or a lower frequency. When you are tuned into a higher frequency, you feel optimistic and motivated with full of love.

06 November 2013

Grounding higher frequencies for physical transformation

Grounding the higher frequencies of energy through the physical body is the secret to transform the physical body. As the physical body gets tuned to a higher frequency of energy, the diseases get healed and the mind becomes more beautiful, radiating divine joy.

Our solar system has already entered a photon band which is of a very high frequency. So, this is time for everyone to get tuned to a higher frequency of energy with ease. There will be a rapid spiritual evolution and everyone will start radiating more love and joy, transcending the limitations of the human mind.