30 October 2014

DNA Activation with Sound Frequencies

Human DNA has been created and programmed to get activated to its full potential, with all the 12 strands coming into full activity as the vibration of the planet increases to the 5th Dimensional frequency. Already many are undergoing ascension symptoms and intense activation energies as high frequency energies are sweeping through.

This process could be accelerated and the ascension symptoms facilitated without much of physical and mental stress by using some coded sounds or frequencies of sound that come from higher dimensions to help us. These frequencies have the capability to awaken and guide us along the path of ascension.

You could access some of the beautiful and powerful frequencies for free from here:

https://judysatori.com/free/ (there are links on the right side with different categories)


If you are interested in knowing more about the creation process and the origins of human DNA, Judy Satori's book 'Sunshine Before The Dawn' would be a treasure.

Happy Ascension!

24 October 2014

You are Divine!

You are a divine being and you are already in tune with higher dimensions.

When you are perceiving sounds with closed ears (inside the head), seeing lights with closed eyes and feeling the energy.. it marks the connection to the higher dimensions.

In your dream state, you are beyond the third dimension. A spark of intuition always comes from a higher dimension.

To strengthen the connection with the higher dimensions, we have to work on the connection itself. If you are more sensitive to the energy, you could be aware of your energy body at all times. If you could see lights, you could spend more time on that during meditation. One can be constantly be aware of the inner sounds, amidst the external noise.

Staying tuned to the higher dimensions shall accelerate your personal shift!

19 October 2014

Working with Earth star chakra!

earth star chakra stones
Earth star chakra is a transpersonal chakra located below the soles of the feet. With the ascension energies, the transpersonal chakras could be easily activated and the energy flow strengthened. When the Earth star chakra gets activated, it may have impact on the Soul star chakra and vice versa.

The Earth star chakra anchors us strongly to the Earth. It makes us grounded! The stones that are black in colour, mostly work on the Earth star chakra, like black tourmaline, smoky quartz and black obsidian. Iron also strongly connects to the Earth star chakra.

When we connect with this chakra, we may feel the body getting more strengthened with the elemental energy of Earth. It also brings up deeper issues (emotional/physical) for us to face and heal. If the heart chakra and the higher chakras are open enough, one could bravely face those issues.. It is our own garbage and we have to face it sometime and heal! :) When we work with this chakra, we also connect with the collective consciousness. When we heal our personal issues, we shall be able to become better anchors of light. Opening up the Soul star and the Earth star chakras shall make us wonderful pillars of light..

If the earth element dominates, it may even constipate the physical body (this happens easily if the water element in the environment is less - warm regions; it is easier to feel earth on warm days). It would be wonderful to balance the earth element with water element. I prefer copper for that. Stones like moonstone and amethyst also would help with their water element. Water keeps everything flowing! If it gets too difficult to handle, take off grounding stones. When you are prepared enough, bravely wear it again! ha ha.. Have fun!

13 October 2014

Sun - The Powerful Healer

sun, meditation
The personal shift/spiritual progress happens when the psychic channels are forcefully opened up with a powerful flow of energy.

There might be many ways of doing that. When practices like kriya pranayama is performed, it transforms the sexual fluids and fuels the subtler body. The same is achieved in sacred union if one knows how to play with the energy. This is moving the creative force from lower chakras to the higher chakras.

Sun is a powerful source of energy which can be utilized to forcefully clear the energetic blockages and raise the vibration of the body. In this process, we pull the supreme source of energy from the top to bottom. One can consciously pull the energy inside, with closed eyes. It is more effective when Sun gazing is practiced.

It is very important to properly ground the energy when sun gazing is practiced. Walking barefoot shall help. Wearing copper also shall help in the process.

Useful link:


12 October 2014

Caution working with metals and crystals

pyrite, steel
It is very essential to be cautious when working with metals and crystals. Each metal and crystal has its own elemental energy - Earth, Water, Fire or Air. Some crystals and metals have a combination of these elemental energy.

Our human body is a wonderful system which has all these elemental energy in a beautiful balance. Disease appears when this balance is disrupted. Each chakra corresponds to an elemental energy. Earth - Mooladhara/First chakra; Water - Swadisthana/Second chakra; Fire - Manipura/Solar plexus; Air - Anahata/Heart chakra, Akash - Visuddha/Throat chakra. It is at the Ajna/Brow chakra the duality is transcended and it is where the ida and pingala merge with sushumna (the psychic channels; Sushumna is the major central channel, also called as the highway to heaven). Saharara - Crown chakra is where the complete merging with the formless happens.

When we work with the elemental energy, we impact the chakras and the energy flow in the body. So, when using any crystal or metals, please keep in mind that it is more like a medicine and use it with caution, listening to your body intuitively.

08 October 2014

Metaphysical or Magical Properties of Iron

iron, key
Like crystals, metals have their unique nature and elemental energy. It is powerful and wonderful to work with metals. Iron has a very strong fire element which corresponds to Mars. The core of our Earth is also of molten iron. So, iron powerfully grounds and anchors us to the Earth.

Citrine also has a strong fire element and iron pyrite also has a strong fire element. But, the fire element of iron is completely different. The elemental energy of crystals feel like a wave of light and the elemental energy of metals feel like a rush of flowing water, more tangible. If one is sensitive to the energy, feeling the energy of metals will be a very easy task. I feel that the metals are more potent in making the energy flow, compared to crystals.